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Sports Performance in Jacksonville FL. Raise your game with our sports performance training programs. Designed for competitive athletes to enhance performance and improve injury risk while building the confidence to succeed.

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Our Sports Performance Training program offers

Sports performance training at JM Health & Performance offers tailored training and nutrition coaching the world’s best athletes use to succeed. With our expert coach, athletes can enhance their strength, speed, agility, and endurance, ultimately improving their overall performance on the field or court. JM Health & Performance’s programming focuses on injury prevention, helping athletes develop proper technique and reduce the risk of injuries, ensuring long-term athletic success.

Strength Training

Strength is the primary driver of improving sport performance. Athletes develop sport specific strength with a focus on proper lifting form. Age appropriate, well-designed strength training reduces the incidence and severity of sport injury, improves flexibility, increases speed and power output while developing healthy habits and confidence.

Speed & Power

Linear and multi-directional speed is an essential component to sport performance. Athletes learn proper acceleration, maximum speed and change of direction mechanics while learning how to apply and improve force production to enhance sport specific speed.


The way you fuel your body can make or break your performance. Often times, it's the missing piece when it comes to performance capacity, recovery and injury. Athletes are counseled on body composition, caloric & protein intake, while working to improve nutrition habits around school & sport demands.


Meeting the holistic, long-term athletic development needs of my athletes is important to me. I am focused on them achieving success in life, regardless of the level of success they may achieve on the field. Throughout our performance programming, athletes have the opportunity to build character, mental resiliency, and confidence. While having expert support with difficult decisions around pain, injury, & stress.

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