Raise your game with the JM Performance Combine

Optimize player development, improve athleticism, and reduce the likelihood of injury with data-driven performance testing. 

The American sport development model is known for early sport specialization, year-round play, injury and burn-out with a disproportionate ratio between development and competition.

As a result, our players can be exceptionally skilled performers but still lack the physical qualities that make-up versatile, robust athletes The performance combine is a series of comprehensive evaluations that utilize state-of-the-art technology to measure the different components of athleticism.

Testing components are grouped based on speed, strength, power, and fitness. Performance combine data is used to score players on how they compare against their class and previous classes, create performance rankings and leaderboards, as well as demonstrate potential for future performance and show areas of strength & improvement.


The JM Performance Combine was developed to help parents and coaches make objective, informed decisions when it comes to a player’s physical development.


Testing and continuous monitoring of player performance is a valuable tool in and of itself, but players also get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the testing events and equipment they’ll experience during showcase style evaluations for colleges and pro scouts, when results matter most.


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