The Personalized Fitness Program in Jacksonville, FL, That’s Made for You

FITNESS is an important part of physical and mental health. JM Health and Performance offers evidence-based, scientifically driven fitness programs that focus on improving strength, stability, mobility and body composition.

Do you want to get stronger, gain mobility, or simply get in shape so others notice?

Our fitness programs are individually designed to meet the goals and needs of each of our clients. We offer workouts in a small team format that promotes success, personalization, and fun.

Team training sessions are full-body workouts targeting every muscle from your legs to your core to your back. These workouts are a priority when it comes to burning calories, building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism for lifelong health. Combine our fitness program with The Nutrition Project and start working towards your goals now!

The best program for you combines a nutrition first approach and functional free weight exercise. . Contact us, and we’ll help you reach your goals through scientifically designed, evidence-based fitness programs.

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Barbell with Men in the background